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Who's Frankie Peach Moonstone "Power Bracelet"

Who's Frankie Peach Moonstone "Power Bracelet"


Wear your power with this stunning authentic healing stone "Power Bracelet"!

Embedded with the highest pure vibrational energy possible to provide optimal healing for its wearer. Time to create/continue the life you always wanted with this gem. 




Peach Moonstone Healing Properties:




Moonstone has long been the stone of love, fertility, intuition, magic, protection, hope, and spiritual purity.Peach Moonstone helps to calm/soothe the mind and emotions. It enhances intuition, psychic ability,  visions, dreams, and creativity. Peach Moonstone is a stone of hope and optimism, bringing a sense of joy and happiness into your life. It is protective against negative energy and influences. It helps to chart a clear path forward and cultivates a sense of safety and a willingness to be vulnerable in healthy relationships. 

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