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Who's Frankie Acupuncture Dual Facial Roller

Who's Frankie Acupuncture Dual Facial Roller

SKU: 32906876990

Accupressure is one of the leading methods to helping our circulation of Chi come to balance, and continue the FLOW! These Facial massagers, are dual head with a Acupunture point needle used to apply pressure direction on our meridian points. Truly Amazing in the field of self-care, authentically at Who's Frankie.


Item Type: Ear Acupoint Probe
Material: Metal
Color: Gold, Silver
Size: Approx. 12.3 x 3.1cm / 4.84 x 1.22inch
Feature 1: Integration of diagnosis and treatment
Feature 2: Can be carried with oneself
Type 1: Acupuncture Points Detector
Type 2: Acupuncture Points Probe
Type 3: Spring Needle
Type 4: Massage Roller
Type 5: Acupoint Needle Roller

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